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Gaytopia is not an official minecraft service/server, and is not approved by or associated with Mojang or Microsoft


Plugin Reference

A directory for how to use our plugins and their commands.

Some information might be outdated, meaning not every plugin listed here is working or on the server anymore, ask staff in discord if you are experiencing any issues.


Patreon Exclusive Plugins

Please visit the Patreon page for info on what tier gets what

Survival Focused Plugins

Mob Spawning Information can be found here: Mob Spawns

WIP Custom Crops

Minigame Plugins

Minions & Hunger Mob Arena Hide & Seek McInfected
Paintball Hunger Games MiniBoardGames The Bridge
Pazaak Mine Chess TNT Run SkyBlock

Potentially Planned Minigames

Spleef Village Defense Murder Mystery Saxton Hale
SpeedBuilders ColorMatch Most Wanted Ghost Craft
SkyWars Zombies FFA/UHC

Creative Plugins

World Edit Plots


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