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Gaytopia is not an official minecraft service/server, and is not approved by or associated with Mojang or Microsoft


Server Resource Pack

Pack Information

The Gaytopia Pack is a collection of textures and models to add additional items to the Gaytopia Server.

It is maintained and updated by LadyHaley. As of this page edit, the current version is 6.2. Last updated on 14/03/2024.


Players on the server

Cami for making the Fish and Bug textures!!!! Cami also created some gun outlines and a knife texture for me too.

Helga for making the Bee God Wand for the magic plugin

Swamp0Goblin for making the Mushroom Wand, Maggot and Bee Pupa Textures

ARealFlame flame#0464 for making a handful of Gun Camo textures for me.

External Credits

MagicFelix for assisting with making the Cowboy Hat Model and Textures

Zombie_Striker and Hunajameloni for the models and textures used for guns and vehicles

Kyle McEntush for allowing the use of his Paintball Mob Textures

NathanWolf for creating the Magic Plugin and creating the resource pack for it.

destruc7i0n for creating the model for the Star VS The Forces of Evil Wand

XiaoMoMi for creating the models and textures included in their CustomCrops plugin

Magic Specific Credits

- 3D Artists:

- 2D Artists:

- Sound Effects:

  • Dr00bles
  • S-Toad (Flute samples for Ocarina)
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