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Gaytopia is not an official minecraft service/server, and is not approved by or associated with Mojang or Microsoft


Server Ban Record

A list of users banned from Gaytopia. I am making this list so if anyone searches their username, the proof will show up on Google :)

I am not going to list people who break every rule, only if I believe they will cause issues on other servers they visit.

Discord Tags and IDs and a link to their results will also be attached to entries here.

Banned Users

Ban Date Username UUID Discord Tag and ID Ban Reason Screenshot
1:30pm 01/07/2023 +10GMT iCarbonatedMilk 3c5c5f30-29a9-4250-bfa1-4fe2e820c4e6 Discord Tag: carbonatedmilk#0125 Discord User ID: 403980284757803028 Griefing, placing swastikas
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