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Gaytopia is not an official minecraft service/server, and is not approved by or associated with Mojang or Microsoft


Known Bugs

This list is of known bugs that I have been unsuccessful at fixing.

  • Normal Diamond Axes just not breaking anything. I don't know why its doing this, but upgrading to a Netherite axe fixes the problem. ‎ Turning them into a pride axe also does the trick
  • Quality Armory Vehicles are really buggy and generally will just break, drive them at your own risk. It is recommenced you just used them as decorations instead of functional vehicles. ‎ .
  • Custom Enchantments are listed multiple times on tools. This is purely a cosmetic bug and has no negative effects on the use of the tool. ‎ .
  • The only way to repair Netherite tools and armor is with the Mending Enchantment. Upgraded Ingots in an anvil will do nothing. You are able to use a Netherite Ingot in an anvil with an upgraded tool but it will do nothing to repair your tool and will only waste your Netherite Ingot. ‎ .
  • Custom Enchantments are not showing up in the super enchanter, they may not be working in general. I will aim to fix this when the server updates to 1.20.1 as its working on the test server. Bug found in 1.19.4
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